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Frequently Asked Questions

Emotional Freedom Technique

What is EFT?
EFT is based on the discovery that imbalances in the body's energy system have profound effects on one's personal being. Correcting these imbalances is done by tapping on certain meridian points on the face and body, whilst being tuned into the issue to be resolved. This brings the body back into balance physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What can EFT be used for?
The range of problems or possibilities that EFT can be applied to are inexhaustible. A famous saying in EFT is "Try it on everything...." Common uses for EFT are smoothing emotions e.g. anger, sadness or disappointment, insomnia, body aches and pains, fears and phobias, eliminating limiting beliefs etc.

Do I need a therapist?
EFT is a therapy you can do at home on yourself, however, initially it would be best to work with a qualified EFT practitioner as they will be able to navigate through problems and situations and arrive at core issues that once dealt with, will facilitate fast progress. Often we will not take ourselves in to areas which are uncomfortable whereas, a therapist will provide the safe environment for this to take place.

Is EFT safe?
EFT is simple, safe and even children can learn to use it. To date with EFT there are no known negative side effects. There will be certain situations that a well qualified therapist will be able to handle better then a lay person such as heightened emotions, and when the problem seems to be intensifying.

Can EFT be used with children?
EFT works wonderfully for children. It is gentle, quick and light hearted. A Teddy Bear (affectionately known as Tapping Bear) can be used to incorporate these powerful energy techniques in to the world of children. The language used will need to be tailored to the child’s age.

Matrix Reimprinting is the new, meridian tapping energy therapy that everybody is talking about. Created by EFT Master Karl Dawson, this technique has far reaching positive effects for a whole host of physical and emotional issues. It can also be used to manifest your goals and dreams.

How does MATRIX REIMPRINTING differ from conventional EFT?
In conventional EFT tapping is used on points of the meridian system throughout the body. Tapping on these points whilst verbally tuning into a specific traumatic memory, releases the stress of the memory from the body’s energy system. With Matrix Reimprinting we take this to a whole new level and actually transform the memory. You can go back to any negative memory, say and do the things you wished you’d said and done, bring in new resources and other people to support you. And when you couple this with the tapping points used in EFT, the results are extremely fast and effective.

Isn't transforming the memory the same as denying that it ever happened?
Transforming the memory is very different from denying that it took place. Have you ever rehearsed over and over again in your mind something that you wished you had said or done? Matrix Reimprinting gives you the chance to go back to that point in time and be able to do that. This has a tremendously healing effect. From a quantum physics point of view we have any number of possible pasts and futures, this is just tuning you into one that is more resourceful. With Matrix Reimprinting its all about the pictures of your past negative memories that you hold in your field or matrix. You keep tuning into these pictures on a subconscious level, which affects your health and well being on every level. When you change the pictures, your physiology starts to change accordingly. So you are simply creating more resourceful pictures for your subconscious to tune into which affects the way you interact with the world on every level.

What are the benefits of MATRIX REIMPRINTING?
•Is quick and easy to use
•Is fun and creative
•Enables you to get to the root of core issue and transform them
•Enables you to get to blocked and preconscious memories
•Quickly resolves trauma
•Transforms negative core-beliefs
•Incorporates all the advances in the New Sciences and the New Biology
•Works with the unified energy field that connects us all

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